They Say The Best Things In Life Are Free’s August Free-For-All page rules. Most of their listings are things that I knew, somewhere in the back of my far-too-crowded brain. Mondays at Spaceland, for example. Or Independent Shakespeare in Hollywood, which is actually what I am doing tonight before MIDNIGHT RIDAZZ (that would be Hamlet at right) But with a city as big as L.A., and with each neighborhood hosting their own outdoor events, as well as the museums, clubs and other private groups, it’s easy to space out on things I would like to go to, unless a webpage reminds me it’s there.

Like the Santa Monica Film Festival, for example. I totally forgot to check their site – and I’ve already missed Superman AND the Muppet Movie.

Other resources for free stuff include Free in L.A., which features Google Calendar compatibility (trust me, it rules) and, of course, the gals at Cheapskatin’ L.A. rock. And, of course, I bookmark all these sorts of things at my page, because I have to remind myself what’s out there somehow.

Oh, and also, one more free thing: Los Angeles’ fattest and most snuggly cat. As I wrote about on my blog, through a set of random circumstances, we (AGAIN) have a very friendly and cuddly cat that we MUST give away. Soon. Photos are up on my blog entry, along with details on how this extraordinarily fat and snuggly cat can be yours!

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