HoMosaic 2006: A Queercore/HomoHop Festival

homosaic.jpgHoMosaic 2006 bills itself as “LA’s first-ever queer music festival.” I don’t know if I buy that, given that LA’s had a very robust and lively gay community for a long time, but it sounds like a good time, and you’ve got to love any event that includes a band named Shitting Glitter in the lineup. They’ve also got Jill Sobule which is probably a deal closer for some folks. Shows go down Aug. 19 and 20 at The Village, a venue at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, and it’s only $20 a night. There’s also a courtyard bazaar featuring craft, clothing, music and community information booths, a dance party, food and drinks and according to the flyer the bazaar is free.