Greatest Fictional Angelenos #5: Fred G. Sanford Fred G. Sanford
Residence: 9114 South Central, Watts
Wheels: 1947 Mercury M-47 truck
Occupation: Proprietor/Owner, Sanford & Son Salvage

Widower Fred Sanford is the eccentric proprietor of a Watts salvage yard that he runs with his son Lamont, a high school dropout. A World War II veteran and certified curmudgeon, Fred is prone to false heart attacks and calling his son a “big dummy”. His favorite after-work beverage is Ripple wine, and Fred’s creativity has led to such concotions as Champipple (Champagne + Ripple) and Manischipple (Manischewitz + Ripple, and my personal favorite). Known associates include Lamont’s Aunt Esther, Bubba Bexley and Grady Wilson.

More info: Fred on Wikipedia

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