Greatest Fictional Angelenos #4: Weetzie Bat Weetzie Bat
Location: Hollywood Bungalow, Venice
Area Code: 323, 310 (Hollywood in 1989, was that 213?)
Occupation: Actress, Homemaker
Pet: Slinkster Pooch

Weetzie Bat is a bubbly blonde living with her boyfriend My Secret Agent Lover, her best friend Dirk and his boyfriend Duck. After punk shows in Hollywood you’ll find Weetzie and her friends at Oki Dogs on Pico for a chili-covered concoction. Other favorite stops include Canters and the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax and 3rd.

Weetzie makes her own clothes and decorates her house with feathers, glitter, and roses when she’s not acting or riding down Sunset in a ’55 T-Bird. She’s also rumored to have Burt Reynolds hairpiece.

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