Greatest Fictional Angelenos #3: Philip Marlowe Philip Marlowe
Occupation: Private Investigator
Office: 615 (6th floor) Cahuenga Building, Hollywood Boulevard near Ivar
Telephone Exchange: GLenview (note: this is the equivalent of “555” – his actual number would be HOllywood or MAdison)

Marlowe is a flatfoot. His mother would tell you he’s 38 years old, but you shouldn’t bother his mother. He’s a gumshoe, which tends to mean dames like him, cops and gangsters don’t. He’s been collared for more than one murder, but always catches the real crook himself. He’s no sissy, but he has been known to solve a case for no dough, just because he feels obligated to someone. His often notorious cases include the Geiger murder, which was rumored to be tied to the Sternwood family.

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