The Onion is here!

I was wandering around Atwater Village in the wee hours of the morning, as I am sometimes apt to do, and saw that The Onion has arrived in LA!
The first issue dropped late tonight/this morning and you should be able to find a copy on a street near you. The copies in my dark-of-night cameraphone picture are in front of Mini Melt on Los Feliz in Atwatever Village. There is also a box in front of Spaceland and someplace on the North side of the street between Kenmore and Alexandria on Wilshire. Anyone else spot any boxes for that sweet sweet Onion fix?

17 thoughts on “The Onion is here!”

  1. I think there’s a box outside of Trader Joe’s in Silverlake.

    wonder if they’ll make it to Long Beach.

    Not according to the distribution map posted here.

  2. Vermont at Melbourne (front of Figaro). thought I was hallucinating until I remembered reading about it the other day in the times.

  3. I met some friends in Westwood Village for dinner last night and there were Onion racks all over the place.

    Love the story about Oliver Stone and the “single plane theory”.

  4. *sigh* Thanks, 5000.

    The paper is strategically located in areas where our core audience of young, affluent opinionleaders lives, works, and socializes, maximizing advertising exposure.

    Well, I guess I know where Long Beach stands, right? Sometimes it’s good to fly under the radar, though with something like this, it sucks.

  5. Saw a bundle of them last night at the Lost Souls Cafe downtown on 4th and Main, for all you lucky loft-dwellers

  6. Franklin & Bronson, NE corner (diagonally across from Cruise Estates). Hell yeah. Picked one up wednesday night.

  7. That map just about represents all of LA that exists to most people. I feel your LB neglect and raise you a Pedro.

    And, apparently, a Torrance and a Hermosa and a PV and . . . .

  8. Found mine on Main Street in Santa Monica and Venice in front of the First Fed Bank at Ashland and in front of The Firehouse @ Rose Ave. I am so happy to see The Onion here in my neighborhood.

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