Tag You’re It: $OME1 EL$E$ @[email protected]

Yes I know it’s graffiti and yes I fucking hate grafitti, but there’s a little something extra to these and I’ve had an historical softspot for whoever the hell the sihouettagger is Joey Krebs aka the Street Phantom (thanks 5000! and Michele!) going back to the 80s. Even if this is a copycat I got a bit nostalgic seeing it:


If you wanna see it for yourself it’s off-street a few steps down the passageway next to Monkeyhouse Toys on Silver Lake Boulevard (and the image is biggifiable with some simple clickification).

3 thoughts on “Tag You’re It: $OME1 EL$E$ @[email protected]

  1. That’s Joey Krebs, the Street Phantom.

    I interviewed him for a story once. He’s a little “touched,” in that “artsy visionary” sorta way. Still does good art.

  2. Cool tag, if vandalism can be considered cool (but that’s another thrash). I like the DaVinci-ness of reversing the text.

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