Greatest Fictional Angelenos #9: Jules Winnfield


Name: Jules Winnfield
Residence: “our man from Inglewood”

Area code: 310, Baby! We got no friends in the 818

Former Occupation: Hit man in the service of Marsellus Wallace
Current Occupation: Walking the earth like that Kung Fu guy

Always a gentleman, you can count on Jules never to leave your wife’s fingertip towels looking like a Maxi Pad, even without Lava soap.

Can be amazed at the little things, like a “Royale with cheese” and mayonnaise on French fries, but do keep an eye on your Big Kahuna Burger or Jules may just help himself to a bite, then wash it down with a big sip of your tasty beverage.

Your bacon’s safe around him too, because no matter how much personality he can have, a pig’s a filthy animal and Jules don’t eat no filthy animals.

Just don’t ask him to clean up brains, because he’s a mushroom-cloud-layin’ motherfucker! Every time his fingers touch brain he’s SUPERFLY T.N.T and the GUNS OF NAVARONE.

A little too quick to quote Ezekiel 25:17 for my taste, but still one Bad Motherfucker.

Quote: “Foot massages don’t mean shit.”


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