Greatest Fictional Angelenos #8: Johnny “Drama” Chase

Name: .Johnny “Drama” Chase
Residence: Baby Brothers Super-Deluxe Chateau in Bel-Air
Area Code: 310
Occupation: Semi-Non-Working Actor, Chef extraordinaire

Recently banned forever from his ‘lucky’ Beverly Hills coffee shop due to his aggressive behavior towards the barrista, Drama is determined to turn over a new leaf. Despite his Brooklyn street background, he’s secretely taken up meditation on the sly. Drama keeps this new practice seriously under wraps from his crew to maintain his tough boy image. Drama’s Hollywood claim to fame is turning down the lead in “The Brothers McMullen” in favor of the series, “Pacific Blue”. Why not go with a sure thing? Everyone assured him it would be a slam dunk of a hit…but alas, it lasted only one season on TV. He hasn’t worked since. Despite the ribbing he takes from his superstar brother Vince for this fiasco, things are looking up now that he’s been cast in Ed Burns new TV series. Drama’s real calling is the magic he creates in the kitchen, but only his closest friends get to sample his cooking prowess on a regular basis. He loves the ladies, but hasn’t had a real relationship since high school.

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