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bla-luggage.jpgSo here’s a stupid question: has anyone ever tried FedEx-ing their luggage to themvelves before a trip? Will FedEx or UPS actually take a suitcase, or does it have to be inside a box?

Is it possible to send your personal belongings ahead to a hotel and have them waiting there for you when you arrive?

Maybe I should just start order toiletries from Amazon a couple of days ahead of time to be delivered to my destination … or maybe hotels should start putting items above and beyond the obligatory shampoo and soap in the honor bar.

I’ve heard of companies that will shepherd you to the airport and handle your luggage for you, especially for overseas flights, but is there anything you can do to make air travel a little more breezy in light of the new (and perhaps temporary) restrictions?

For a long time I’ve been packing my carry ons (if I have them) using ziploc bags (or those zipper plastic sleeve things that new bedsheets come in) but it seems like even that isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Let’s face it, as a destination, LAX sucks for picking up a few essentials when you get off the plane. I’ve been to much better airports that have decent stores (including the Pittsburgh airport that has a full mall that charges regular prices for everything instead of airport markups). If anything, this is the one time I wish I was rich enough to have my own jet.

Who has travel tips for those who are flying soon?

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  1. The restrictions (at least for now) only apply to carry-on luggage, so you can pack toiletry items in your checked bag. If you require any liquid medications during flights and you need to bring them along, be prepared to prove that they are prescription medications.

    More people will be checking bags due to these restrictions, so if you are checking a bag, plan to be at the airport with plenty of time to allow for that. One option might be to check a smaller bag that only contains toiletry items and other small things, and then carry a small rollaboard on the plane. You could then pick up your small checked bag and stack it on the rolling bag for easy transport once you land.

  2. My old boss used to always fedex her luggage to herself so she wouldn’t have to take anything with her to the airport. We always put it in boxes which were easy to find at a UPS Store or other Mail Boxes Etc. type place.

    Personally, I’d rather just check my bag then risk the hotel misplacing the package.

  3. I often FedEx items, including luggage (and my dirty laundry home) when on the road for business. The former is always boxed… and for the benefit of all involved, the latter also encapsulated in a plastic bag. :)


  4. Yeah, if I have to check a bag to bring toiletries, I’m not flying unless it’s completely unavoidable. I’m just glad I haven’t bought plane tickets for the holidays yet.

  5. FedEx will now take suitcases just as suitcases, and I have friends who do that all the time. Hotels are fine with it and minus the expense it does cut down on airport hassles.

    You should check out Virtual Bellhop:

    They are good and have more info than you know how to ask for.

  6. A word of warning, however:

    Airlines have always been (even pre-9/11, surprisingly enough) wary of people traveling with zero luggage. Why don’t you need anything? Not planning on coming back?

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