YarisWorks Tour Putters into L.A.

Now that youth-savvy automaker Scion has defied expectation and failed to fail, everybody’s jumping all over each other trying to copy their streetwise marketing model. Next on the list of manufacturers looking to glom onto a preexisting youth movement that has nothing to do with automobiles is the new Toyota Yaris. Toyota has apparently decided that the resurgent DIY scene is going to be their ticket to success with the young ‘uns and they’re sponsoring a whole series of events under the name the YarisWorks Tour:

The YarisWorks Tour comes to Los Angeles under the guidance of Chad Brown (CB Brand/Kattwampus), Jed Maheu (former Sub Pop employee superstar/Radio Show Host) and the owners of Matrushka Construction (Beth Ann Wittaker and Laura Howe). We’ve also partnered with Felt Club and Meltdown Comics to support their Saturday Felt Club event. The events range from demos of DIY Soy Drinks to Recycling Vinyl and Record Packaging. In addition, the Ice Cream Man will be at all events giving away free ice cream!

Los Angeles events started today and run through 8/12. I usually prefer my DIY activities with a little less petroleum-burning sponsorship, but I’m sorely tempted to check out Sock Monkey Class.

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  1. So ya know, Scion is just Toyota’s youth brand. It’s just another Toyota nameplate, and all Scions are sold through essentially booths in Toyota dealerships. So Toyota pioneered this DIY marketing gimmick, for better or worse.

  2. So Toyota pioneered this DIY marketing gimmick, for better or worse.

    Yeah, though Scion aligned themselves with the hip-hop and street art communities, not the DIY movement. It will be interesting to see who does it next, and what scene they decide to pretend to be a part of. Honda has kind of tried it with the Civic and the punk rock community, but not to the same extent.

  3. Oh dang. I was gonna take the Shrinky Dinks class.

    I didn’t know it was sponsored by Toyota.

    I am not your target market, Toyota. Leave me alone. I have no money.

  4. Full disclosure: my friend is one of the folks behind Felt Club. She’s no millionaire, and the pittance she’s getting from Toyota is going right into making the show bigger and better. Nobody is getting rich off this stuff.

    Anyway, as far as picking a sponsor to work with, I would consider Toyota to be one of the good(er) guys, building the best-selling hybrids, as well as other small, affordable, fuel-efficent cars. We’re not talking about Hummer, for cripes sake.

  5. I’ve got a really full plate this weekend but I’m going to see if I can make time for the sock monkey class and the tofu festival (always wanted to go). Anyone know if Toyota be doing anything in particular at the festival or if they just one of the sponsors?

  6. Too bad it’s not sponsored by Prius! :) Seriously, I don’t begrudge cool people a little corporate funding to do cool things. I just wish the Yaris involvement was a little less heavy-handed. For example, I excised the sentence smack in the middle of that pull quote that read something like, “All brought to you by Toyota’s stylish and cool new Yaris!” I think Scion’s actually been really good about that.

    Nobody is getting rich off this stuff.

    I wouldn’t think so, but the more I think about it the more this actually disturbs me. Why not? Toyota’s certainly got the money. If they’re not bringing a lot to the table, then why partner up? I assume they must be providing a lot of logistical support and what not?

  7. First the evil corporations are doing too much, then not enough?

    And why should anyone be compelled to share these details?

  8. The Prius IS a Toyota.

    But the events are sponsored by the Yaris (as a brand), not by Toyota. So the intent is to boost Yaris awareness and sales, not Prius awareness and sales.

    It was just a joke, anyway.

    First the evil corporations are doing too much, then not enough?

    Okay, okay, okay. You guys are reading WAY too much anti-corporate sentiment into what I’ve said. Lest we forget, I make my living in advertising/marketing/branding, so it’s not like I’m some anti-business hippy.

    Besides, that’s a pretty severe oversimplification. They could simueltaneously do more AND less, because I’m talking about two different aspects of involvement (i.e., money and presence).

    And why should anyone be compelled to share these details?

    They’re not. I’m not the one that brought it up, and I never implied anything negative about the locals that are involved or whether they were making money off of it. But I think it’s a valid observation to say that the Yaris marketing team is probably looking to copy the success of the Scion model and that’s what’s motivating their involvement. There’s nothing defamatory about that, and it has little to nothing to do with the people from Felt Club or Matrushka or anybody else.

  9. yucko.

    …and i just spent the last year of my life selling my soul to Toyota working marketing/pr for Scion.

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