Venice Beach=Toilet Water

Yikes! 20,000 gallons of waste dumped into the beach water off Venice and Dockweiler. There was a raw sewage spill yesterday when equipment failed at the Culver city pump station. It happened around 4 am on Tuesday, but county health officials didn’t close the beaches til early afternoon. You can read about it here in the LA Times article this morning.
The county health officials also said, “I don’t think people need to be terribly concerned about this….” Uh-huh.
Once again I’m reminded about how risky it is to swim in the water off Venice and Santa Monica. It’s a real bummer…. the one thing that makes me happy and forget any trouble in my life is lolling around in the ocean. I keep going further and further north to swim and surf, but does it really matter?
They say the beaches will be open either today or later this week… but who would want to chance it?

3 thoughts on “Venice Beach=Toilet Water”

  1. I was just freaked out about it in general. And I’m surprised Venice is pretty good….for such an urban area you’d think it would be nasty! It’s all relative

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