Hollywood Forever – again


It’s been going on for five years now and yes, Markland has already
mentioned it
, but I’m all hopped up on the Cinespia screenings “below and above the stars” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Here’s what it looked like last Saturday for Pee-Wee‘s Big Adventure. The
movie was of course great, but we got an extra treat when Paul Reubens
himself came out and said a few words, then was joined by a few of the cast

The whole experience is really great, and although we’ve already missed a lot of great movies, here’s what’s coming up:

Psycho (8/12) – Celebrate Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday!
The Searchers (8/19)
and Chinatown (8/26)

No matter how hot it’s been, please do take an extra sweater or blanket
because it gets cool and very damp out there on the lawn. Oh and take a
flashlight too, unless you don’t mind never finding your way back from the

Gates open for cars to come in (and park for free) at 730, but people line up outside from about 5pm to get first crack at seating.

Film at 9:00 pm
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower
No reservation necessary.
$10 Donation Tickets available at gate.
As a courtesy to other movie-goers: NO TALL CHAIRS and NO DOGS

DJ Zach Cowie spins before and after the screening.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Forever – again”

  1. Paul Reubens was there?!??! What did he say? Who else was there!? Please give us details.

  2. HE WAS THERE THIS YEAR???? DAMMIT! I hope it was good! We had our picnic on the front lawn of the cemetery because it was SOLD OUT!! Maybe he’ll be there next year…..

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