Greatest Fictional Angelenos #14: Breezy Breezy
Residence: Silver Lake and West Hollywood
Occupation: chanteuse/prostitute/mom
Areacode: 323
Wheels: Nissan Elantra, Toyota Corolla

The distinctively uni-named Breezy nevertheless was able to grow a full beard while her identical twin brother, Dank, remained smooth-cheeked as a baby. Although not a singer of tremendous skill or talent, Breezy pursued her dream of nightclub entertainer with faith and relentlessness despite a daunting series of personal tragedies, including arrests for possession, prostitution and vehicular manslaughter (she accidentally hit a vanful of born-again teens on their way to a Who Would Jesus Kill? war rally). When an infamous court ruling made homosexuality a crime, Breezy and a number of her friends were forced to leave their Silver Lake homes for the West Hollywood ghetto/compound, a.k.a. “The Pink Section.” She had one daughter, Sunshine, who mysteriously disappeared at age 8 after misuse of her native telekinetic ability. Despite romantic entanglements with a number of suitors, including her pimp, Butch, best friend and fellow former prostitute, Tanya, and various prison guards, Breezy remained unlucky in love as well as career.

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2 thoughts on “Greatest Fictional Angelenos #14: Breezy”

  1. Ok, I give up. What is this from? I tried imdb, but probably didn’t look with tight enough eyes.

    By the way, this series is Smile Of The Week, definitely Smile Of The Week!

  2. Don’t feel too bad, Stu–Breezy is well-known in the late-night L.A. theater circuit, but her fame doesn’t (alas) extend much beyond that.

    She’s the alter ego of local playwright, Justin Tanner (he also played her twin brother, Dank).

    Glad you’re enjoying the series. I had a laugh making the cards, I’ll tell you what…

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