Greatest Fictional Angelenos #13: Ralph Furley Ralph Furley
Residence: 834 Ocean Vista Avenue #101, Santa Monica
Occupation: Apartment Manager

The landlord of a Santa Monica apartment complex, Mr. Furley exudes charm, wit, and an amazing talent for picking just the right leisure suit for any occasion. It’s been rumored that he enjoys spying on his tenants, especially the attractive ladies in apartment 201. You may have seen him and his fabulously flashy leisure suits (with coordinating neckerchiefs!) all around Santa Monica and other beachy locales, but mostly he sticks close to home by spending time at the local pub, the Regal Beagle.

More info: Where are they now? | Mr. Furley at Wikipedia | Mr. Furley’s MySpace page

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3 thoughts on “Greatest Fictional Angelenos #13: Ralph Furley”

  1. Weird. I always *hated* that show when it was in reruns (i was born in ’76). Since I was a latch-key kid, I was forced to watch some episodes growing up (no cable for us), but I never paid enough attention to realize it was set in Santa Monica. But I think my young spidey sense was good on the mark though: it has aged *very* badly, the hallmark of a not-so-good-show-after-all.

    I bet a poll would show that 98% of people polled would say the show was set in San Diego, since the opening credits are set in the San Diego Zoo and prominently show it….


  2. Um, the opening credits show the Los Angeles Zoo. You can even see the sign at the entrance that clearly says “LOS ANGELES.”

  3. I have to disagree. I still love the campiness of the show. Nice and cheesorific! However that is coming from someone who is terribly disappointed that neither Officer Frank Poncerello or Officer John Baker are included in this ficitional Angeleno list!

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