Chaising Falling Stars

This weekend marks the peak of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower and sadly it will be blasted out by the brightness of the near-full moon.

However, if you’re up for a little stargazing at stargrazing you can perhaps catch sight of some earthgrazing meteors. These little streaks of light are not falling stars, just near misses that pop into the atmosphere like skipping stones, burn a bit and then bounce back out.

The good thing about that is that these bouncy bits are pretty easy to spot because they’re slower, so you can actually say, “look” and someone might actually be able to see it.

Local viewing times are from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Look north. I’m not planning to get out of town and the city lights for it, just a trip upstairs to the roof deck, plop down on a chaise lounge and stare off into space.

More info at NASA.

One thought on “Chaising Falling Stars”

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I read a brief about it in last week’s CityBeat and the writer suggested hiking atop Death Valley’s 11,000-foot Telescope Peak to get the best experience. Well you go right ahead, dude. I’m thinking a Saturday night moonlight hike to the 2,300-foot Tongva Peak in the nearby Verdugos might be a cooler and closer way to go.

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