Suicides, severed bodies, movie stars…

hollywoodben.jpgMore teases for two films that “fans” of true Hollywood crimes are looking forward to:

Aint It Cool News debuted three one sheets for “Hollywoodland”, about the investigation into George Reeves alleged suicide. Each poster features a different principal character – at right is the one with Ben Affleck, who plays the fated Superman actor George Reeves. The other one sheets are of Adrien Brody, as the private investigator looking into the case, and Diane Lane as Reeves one time mistress and wife to a Hollywood mogul.

The website for Brian DePalma’s “The Black Dahlia” now hosts an all too short “behind the scenes” look at the film. The clip is narrated by James Ellroy, who wrote the novel upon the movie is based. In addition to a few shots from the set, the video also includes some vintage Hollywood newsreel footage… combined with recreated footage of the Dahlia crime scene, its difficult to discern what is real, and what’s Hollywood magic.

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