Postage Will Be Paid by Addressee

As David suggested (and thanks to everyone else who chimed in) here’s the tiny response card that I’m sending in to the EIDC from the filming of a Mass Mutual commercial on my street on Sunday. The card was left on our front door. (Somehow they must anticipate the kind of reaction they’ll get, there are three lines for positive comments and four for negative ones.)

———————-(tear here and mail)———————-

Satisfaction Report

bla-notification.jpgFilmL.A., Inc. is striving to create a harmonious environment for residences and production companies alike. In order to achieve this, it is important that we hear from you about your experience (positive and negative) durin this production.
Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

POSITIVE COMMENTS: Production wrapped ealier than expected and cleaned up the entire area very well.

NEGATIVE COMMENTS: Production put trucks and gear into position 90 minutes earlier than agreed … then moved gear/trucks there two more times even after we told them that was against the agreement and to move. Blocked our driveway on at least four occasions (twice when we were trying to use it).

Permit #: F-197825 RM 1.50 13
Production Company: Tool of North America
Filming Date: 8/06/06