More Local Record Releases

This week, there is new music out from Hello Stranger, (album art pictured above) formerly known as Vagenius. I thought that was a dreadfully clever name, and was quite sorry when they changed it. However, the music is still the happy mix of Casio keyboards and catchy melodies, so I strongly suggest picking up the album and/or a show in the near future.

In addition, as advertised on posters down in Venice, Silversun Pickups new album is out as well. I enjoyed “Pikul” more than I expected to, so I’m looking forward to a chance to sit down with “Carnavas” now that it’s out.

However, in the quest for new music, I took a few minutes to check out Wikipedia to see if there was a list of indie bands from L.A. And the closest thing they have is a stub for Bands from California. Which leads me to ask a couple questions:

1. Who are your favorite indie band in L.A.?
2. Is there a comprehensive list of indie bands in the greater L.A. area? Or even of indie record labels?

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