Greatest Fictional Angelenos #20: Jim Rockford

Name: Jim Rockford
Residence: Malibu Beach – known for his eyesore of a dilapidated mobile home which authorities says often has unsavory characters breaking into it.
Area code: 213 (but would now be 310)
Occupation: Private Investigator

Often seen driving his Pontiac Firebird in Malibu, Santa Monica and Los Angeles. He can be hired for $200 a day plus expenses, but be forewarned that the expenses may be the pricier part of the deal (if
anything is ever collected at all). If he’s not home, leave a message, but check the pier as he’s probably there fishing with his dad.

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4 thoughts on “Greatest Fictional Angelenos #20: Jim Rockford”

  1. Jim Rockford is the ultimate social engineer and a model citizen to hackers in LA. This series is like a training program in getting people to tell you things others don’t want you to know. Of course, 70’s technology has it’s limits – so update your in-car business card printing press to a sheet of Avery card stock and become your own realtor/insurance/IRS agent to barge into today’s crime scenes.

  2. Love Jimbo except his only mention of OUR hood in ALL the shows I have ever watched (and I have seen plenty) “earlier today I had an auto reposession in Eagle Rock”…

    man thats cold…

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