Greatest Fictional Angelenos #19: Sydney Ann Bristow Sydney Bristow (aka Phoenix, Freelancer, Mountaineer, Sid)
Residence: Before she went missing for two years – Los Feliz area… After she came back – Venice Beach, CA in the most amazing wood-paneled modern home. Also spent lots of time at the CIA black-ops underneath the Metro line and at “Credit Dauphine” (really SD6) in downtown Los Angeles around Wilshire and 4th.
Area code: probably international but locally I would guess 213… Who knows though, she’s a spy!
Occupation: Super spy woman

Her name is Sydney Bristow – she was recruited into the “CIA” at 19 only to find out later she was working for the very enemy she thought she was fighting. So she became a double-agent working for the real CIA to bring down this crime syndicate. And boy did she! Mainly she traveled the world saving us from the “new world order” desired by Milo Rembaldi fans and though she always came back to Los Angeles, no baddies ever got her here as it was her home.

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  1. This is all myth. Sydney Bristow is just a daydreaming college student, bored with life, inattentive in school, and prone to delusional fantasies.

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