Greatest Fictional Angelenos #17: Harris K. Telemacher Harris K. Telemacher
Residence: Beverly Hills – Spanish-style Bungalow (Rental)
Area Code: 310
Occupation: (Wacky) Weatherman

More than a weatherman, he is able to change the weather to change his lovelife (with the help of a Caltrans sign). If you see him out and about, it’s most likely in his car as he’d sooner die than walk 20 feet to his neighbors, let alone 6 blocks when giving tours.

It’s not all about the car culture for him though … he may have invented the Roller Shoe (which are forever banned from LACMA unless you happen to donate a wing or something).

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  1. Clicking on the “others in the series” link doesn’t cut it for you “Mike?”

    Anywho – this is my favorite fictional angeleno – good post!

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