Greatest Fictional Angelenos #16: Jupiter Jones Jupiter Jones
Residence: Rocky Beach
Occupation: student/private investigator
Areacode: ???
Wheels: Chauffered limo

This stocky 15 year old has earned the label “child prodigy” in more ways than one – his past a child star behind him (you remember him as “Baby Fatso”) “Jupe” grew up and created the “Three Investigators Detective Agency”, managing to gain Alfred Hitchcock as his first customer and long time confidant. Gained additional local acclaim by guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar at a limousine rental agency earning him a full 30 days worth of private limo service (which he was able to stretch out by noting that the 30 days weren’t specified as being “consecutive”).

An orphan, Jupiter lives with his Uncle Titus Jones, owner of the Jones Salvage Yard, and aunt Mathilda. His “Three Investigators” have been rumored to be to blame for tying up the local phone exchange while using their “Ghost to Ghost” hookup in the course of an investigation (wherein each calls five friends to put the word out for information, and their friends call five friends, and their friends call five friends, and so on. Ingenius!)

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  1. Just so you can’t say you forgot about them when considering 1-15…

    The Dude (Lebowski)
    Jack Bauer

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