Fill er up … Today

If you drive a hybrid or electric car you might want to pass on this notice, but if you drive one of those old fashioned gas vehicles you may want to fill up your car today.

Today BP closed their Alaskan pipeline to make repairs. This impacts Alaska in their ability to bring revenue into their economy, but also California, as we get much of our crude from up North. Crude prices are already rising. Get the whole story here.

I wish I had my electric car right now…

7 thoughts on “Fill er up … Today”

  1. Increasing demand by writing articles like this is what puts the price up and causes supply shortages. Waytogo.

  2. The rise in oil prices will also have an impact on the price of goods and services as companies are forced to absorb higher fuel and transport costs.

  3. As I endeavor to reduce my oil usage I can certainly see Jon’s point against condoning opportunistic hording of the stuff. But I can also see how his abrupt and smacky manner of delivering that point might negate it. Either way, whether this blog has influence or is just following big media is beside it.

  4. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be abrupt. I’m from England, and we’ve learnt to snap at people that say ‘buy petrol now.’

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