Greatest Fictional Angelenos #25: Alice Nelson week presents twenty five of the greatest residents ever to virtually set foot in Los Angeles, with card designs by Colleen Wainwright. Because this city would be nothing without our domestic servants, I begin with perhaps the most famous maid of all:

Name: Alice Nelson
Residence: 4222 Clinton Way
Area code: 818 (previously 213)
Occupation: Live in housekeeper

Westdale High graduate Alice Nelson has been a lifelong Los Angeles resident, employed by local architect Mike Brady for over sixteen years. Along with her longtime partner Sam Franklin, a local butcher, Alice has won numerous bowling trophies and awards for dancing the Charleston. But those closest to Alice say she plays a mean game of pick up basketball even without removing her ever present blue housekeeping unform (sorry, boys, no French maid outfit for this domestic servant).

(more on Alice at Wikipedia and TV Land)

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