Greatest Fictional Angelenos #24: Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher Irwin Maurice Fletcher
Residence: Hollywood, sometimes a box on Venice Beach
Area code: 213
Occupation: Investigative reporter/Advice Columnist

Fletch, investigative reporter for the LA Sun, writes a column under the name Jane Doe, and possibly played on the LA Lakers. Coined word “oldsmobuick” and phrase “well, there you have it” – too many aliases to list.

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9 thoughts on “Greatest Fictional Angelenos #24: Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher”

  1. Fletch clearly lives in Santa Monica. When he is fleeing from his attorney looking for alimony, he is driving down one of the low numbered streets 2nd-6th north of wilshire.

  2. Fletch is one of my favorite movies. I actually found the original hard back edition of Fletch on a trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, I left it in the seatback of the plane. Bummer.

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