Greatest Fictional Angelenos #22: Roger Rabbit Roger Rabbit
Residence: Toon Town (Griffith Park Area)
Area code: KL5 exchange
Occupation: Actor – plays Roger the babysitter in Baby Huey Herman films

Known by most folks as a down-to-earth toon rabbit, he’s most often seen out in the real world at the Ink & Paint Club where his wife performs. As a star with a well known problem with alcohol, he’s usually driven around by his friend Bernie the Cab. Roger often drowns his sorrows at the Terminal Station Bar and laments that even though he saved Toon Town, he was not able to thwart the large conspiracy that doomed the Red Car. (Of course Los Angeles would be just like San Francisco if we didn’t have the huge sprawl and freeways.)

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9 thoughts on “Greatest Fictional Angelenos #22: Roger Rabbit”

  1. I better see Philip Marlowe in this list! Circle of trust… I am watching you.

  2. This page has been Farked so hurry up and finish the list already. :^)

    /Votes for Perry Mason.
    //Phillip Marlowe is an excellent choice as well.

  3. I agree with your assessment of Roger being great. However, he never babysat anybody named Huey.

    Go watch it again. Now.

  4. Of course, the idea that the Pacific Electric Red Cars were destroyed by a GM-led “conspiracy” is a complete myth.

    For details, see historian Martha Bianco’s Kennedy, 60 Minutes, and Roger Rabbit: understanding Conspiracy-Theory Explanations of The Decline of Urban Mass Transit [PDF].

    Today’s rail-transit advocates would do well to study the actual causes of the Red Cars’ disappearance instead of being taken in by cartoon conspiracy theories.

  5. Call me dipped, but I thought it was a conspiracy led by Judge Doom to erase toon town?

  6. “aka GM shill”?

    Is that meant to be funny?

    I thought the readers of might be interested in some real LA history.

    I confess I didn’t really expect to have my honesty and personal integrity casually impugned by someone I’ve never met.

    I’ll be sure to bear that in mind next time.

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