Greatest Fictional Angelenos #21: Bill S. Preston, Esq. Bill S. Preston, Esq.
Residence: San Dimas
Area code: 714
Occupation: Musician

Along with fellow San Dimas High student Theodore Logan, both frequented the local Circle K and were founding members of the totally radical metal band “Wyld Stallyns”. He and Ted were saved from flunking out of high school by putting together a presentation of totally triumphant impersonators (?) including Abe Lincoln, Bob Gangus Khan, Mr. The Kid, Frood, and Maxine of Arc (it was rumored that the Khan ringer had previously trashed the nearby Oshman’s Sporting Goods). In addition to reducing air pollution by encouraging the use of air guitar, Bill was eventually responsible for bringing peace to all mankind and having the first band to sell out on Mars. Coined the mantra, “Be Excellent to Each Other.”

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