Found 1928 Print of Chicago showing in LA


There was a lot of talk when Chicago came out in 2002 that it was the remake of an older silent film which itself was a remake of a Broadway musical circa 1926. I’d heard that the silent film had been all but lost years ago. Turns out that an original print has turned up and will be shown at the Samuel Godwyn Theater on Wednesday, August 16 at 7:30 accompanied live by Johnny Crawford & his Orchestra. The AMPAS is putting on the event and has more details on their site.

” Reported “lost” by many, but actually surviving on 35mm nitrate stock in the Cecil B. DeMille family collection, this original film incarnation of the story that would become the 2002 Best Picture winner is finally returned to the public screen after a decades-long absence with a new restoration by the UCLA Film and Television Archive of the original full-length roadshow version.”

[Thanks John M.]