Arrgh! Is For Ridazz

jolly%20skull_1154973868.jpgThere was a sense that a change was a-coming. The good folks behind Midnight Ridazz from its beginning have watched their baby blow-up huge from an innocent little single-digit group get-together to a monstrous 1,300-headed toddler in its terrible-twos tromping around town and drawing too much ire and attention from too many of them law enfoircement types.

Well now the verdict is in from them that the shit’s gone far away from the monthly event’s original intent to have fun and it’s just gotta stop. So they’re calling everyone out and asking that you “make this ride yours” by supporting the ride with safety and sanity. But that’s not all:

From today’s email announcing this Friday’s “Take No Prisoners” ride:

And some changes we’re trying:
• The ride will start at a different location each month.
• No more emails. You gotta check the web site the week of the ride.
‚Ä¢ We’ll be handing out flyers that have 1) guidelines for riders, and 2) info for drivers. Read the first side, then hand it to a driver. It tells them who we are and why they should chill.

If the pirate’s life’s for you then this Friday’s ride will be gathering at 9:30 at Ye Olde Mulholland Tavern Fountain at the X marked by Riverside and Los Feliz to set sail around 10 p.m.

4 thoughts on “Arrgh! Is For Ridazz”

  1. can someone put the adress up? i’m new into town and want to go for the first time! however neither mapquest nor google maps can find the intersection without a city or zippppp…

  2. Glad you found it G, but here’s a link to it on the Google Map anyway:

    As to parking, it shouldn’t be an issue — certainly no more than at the rides’ previous location in Echo Park. There’s plenty of street parking south of Los Feliz Boulevard on Riverside as well as a city park parking lot across the street. And there’s more available north of Los Feliz just inside the entrance to Griffith Park.

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