Triple Homicide In Northridge – 20 yr old family member held“I’ll say ‘die’, and people will die.” (from a short story by Brandon Menard)

Brandon Menard called police around 6am Monday morning to report he’d just arrived home and found his father and step-mother stabbed to death. When police arrived at the Northridge house on the 17000 block of Stare Street, they also discovered the dead body of Brandon’s 16 year old sister in the backyard. Hours later, Brandon was arrested and is now being held without bail as a suspect in the slayings. (search for updates via Google News)

Former Metblogger turned scribe Steve Huff has dug into the case and discovered suspect Menard’s MySpace account, LiveJournal pages, and other web activity that may or may not give insight into the crimes he’s suspected for.

On his MySpace page Brandon references working at Spooky House in Northridge, a Halloween attraction where costumed employees simulate suicides, murders, and other acts of extreme violence. Brandon also writes that his most overused phrase on instant message is “I am going to kill you.”

Friends of Brandon’s are leaving comments that range from support to confusion:


“whenever you get this i know u didnt dot it theres no way and i dont want our troop to fall apart we need you”

“brandon wtf did u do? multiple wounds…y the fuck would u have killed ur family and sister..”

Homicide 101 dictates that, because of their intimate nature, stabbings, especially with multiple wounds, are done by assailants well known to the victims. In the case of a triple homicide, where the one family member who was not home is the only one who survived, its pretty clear who police will and should look at first. Add to this an apparent affinity for murder and gore, and its no wonder that Brandon Menard was immediately arrested.

Huff writes:

Brandon Menard may have come home on Friday morning to a true nightmare. Perhaps his arrest is only indicative of police dealing in the averages — on average, family murders committed with more “intimate” weapons like knives are committed by a member of the family.

But it seems like he was indeed a spooky guy. Spooky, but also bright, creative, eccentric, verbal — the kind of guy I’d probably find interesting to talk to, even get along with.

Huff promises to keep updating with more info as he finds it.

(composite image by Steve Huff)

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