Marvel Super Heroes at the ScienCenter

wolverine.jpgLast weekend I went with some friends to see the special exhibit at the ScienCenter. (By the way, the clever one-wordiness really freaks me out. What’s wrong with Science Center?)

I didn’t really know what to expect, so I won’t say I was disappointed. I wasn’t, exactly, but I did feel that an opportunity was missed. The exhibit is geared directly at children, and consists primarily of cutesy science “experiments” such as using your sense of touch and smell, like Daredevil, and strength, like Hulk (only the “strength” stuff all looks suspiciously like a lesson in simple machines to me – three ways to lift a cinderbock: directly, with a lever, and on a pulley). This is fun stuff, for about five minutes, but it would have been more fun if (for instance) there were more advanced physics — real world “explanations” of superpowers.

After the games is a hallway of Marvel collectibles and a timeline. A SERIOUS WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS EXHIBIT WITH NERDS. Granted, my friends (and I include my husband) are the geekiest geeks who ever geeked, but there are mistakes in that timeline AND THEY FOUND THEM. It is not so much fun to be with the guys who correct the exhibit. It kinda makes you feel like you wasted $9.75 that you could have spent on snacks while they filled you in on the history of comics in the comfort of your own living room.

Anyway. This is awesome if you have kids or don’t mind stuff that’s geared toward kids. And it’ll be around till September 4th.

One thought on “Marvel Super Heroes at the ScienCenter”

  1. I went to this a few months ago. I’ll come out and say I was disappointed. A kiddie exhibit definitely not worth the admission price. At first it seems like it’s going to be great, with its elevator ride to the Danger Room like feeling. But then it’s a rather uninspired collection of mini-exhibits. They could have done a lot more with a bit of imagination (and, okay, a little more money too.) I went before the Iron Men exoskeleton suit was installed. You made no mention of it. Did they ever install it or did they just give up?

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