I’m not gonna hurt ya, Brando. I’m just gonna tear your house down!

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/08/nicholson1-thumb.jpgAfter Jack Nicholson bought his buddy Marlon Brando’s house a few years ago, he discovered it was in “derelict” shape, full of mold, and the pool, apparently, full of electric eels meant to power the estate. Now, according to the UK’s Times Online, Nicholson plans to tear down the structure and replace with a garden of frangipani flowers.

Brando described the 12900 Mulholland Drive home “as a ‘one-bedroom bungalow with a den converted from a garage’. He called it Frangipani, after the cream and yellow flower beloved of Buddhists,” while the Times claims it “is about the size of a four-bedroomed home in Britain.”

Treasure hunters should also take note: While much of Brando’s belongings were catalogued and auctioned after his death to pay off assorted debts, one item was notable unaccounted for. His gold-plated Oscar for “On the Waterfront” is nowhere to be found, and could have been buried somewhere on his grounds during one of Brando’s less lucid states…

(h/t Huffington Post)