Pasadena Weekly features 1947 Project bloggers

Congratulations to the vintage crime bloggers of the 1947Project for making it to the cover of the Pasadena Weekly. Kim Cooper and Nathan Marsak are pictured along with Crimebo the Crime Clown*.

The featured article entitled “Killer Ride” focuses on their Crime Bus tour that rolls through Pasadena this Sunday:

If you’re one of the die-hard and morbidly curious people climbing aboard the Pasadena Confidential Crime Bus tour, you’ll find yourself engaged in a five-hour trip through the strangest murders, accidents and outright mayhem that a century of Pasadena history has to offer.

Seats are still available.

*”He is available for birthday parties, at which he will cheerily guide guests through a litany of strange deaths that occurred on their birthdays.” (Pasadena Weekly)

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