IAAL/MAF: Seein’ Red


After last week’s attempt to incorporate the MTA into our Thursday evening rides was a complete flop most of us were quite skeptical when produced this route for last nights ride. Easily our most ambitious to date, the route was over 30 miles with a solid stretch of it aboard the red line from Union Station up to Universal City. I think we all half expected it to fail as well, but as you can see from Will’s photographic proof we actually pulled it off. The main length of the ride was back to downtown via the LA River path that we usually ride in sunlit hours. It’s a whole different thing, especially south of fletcher where the only illumination we have are a few LEDs mounted to handlebars and the glowing of far off industrial and city lighting. Of course the people walking around in the shadows of the river are a little sketchier at that hour as well, but with 9 people in tow that barely crossed our minds. Metblogs co-founder Jason D was in town from SF and took the 19 mile ride with us, the first time he’d been on his bike in almost a year – he pulled it off like a champ. All in all it was an awesome warm up for next week’s Midnight Ridazz, which is facing it’s own growth issues.

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  1. Whats the badge hanging/floating like 4 inches from your head? Or are you actually working undercover as stated in the advertisement below you?

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