Don’t Piss Off Amy Alkon*

phonegirl2.jpgI’m usually a big fan of “Advice Goddess” Amy Alkon (see “Don’t Mess With Amy Alkon!”), but her recent misadventure reeks of nothing less than road rage. Amy was understandably upset after nearly being rearended by a doofus talking on their cel phone (pictured), but then:

My first impulse was to be glad to be unhit. My second impulse was to follow her selfish, irresponsible ass and yell at her when she got out of her car.

And I did.

Details of white woman’s road rage after the jump…

And yes, I stopped at every stop sign, and no, I didn’t speed. And, thanks, I appreciate in advance your concern for my safety, but does this girl look like a gang member or somebody who has a gun in her glove compartment?

The dimwit drove straight home and started unpacking her car. She probably didn’t even notice me behind her, turn after turn after turn, because she was too involved in her damn call.

I confronted her, asking, “What if you’d hit me?”

“The insurance would’ve paid for it,” she sniffed.

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I don’t know about you, dear reader, but if someone followed me home “turn after turn after turn” because I made a stupid driving foul up, I’d have feared for the worst and delivered a preemptive strike. Does Amy think that chasing this woman down it will make her more attentive while driving?

While I’m convinced Amy overreacted to this, what I’m not sure about if this make for a good argument for or against concealed weapons permits.

Next time, Amy should just put the idiots license plate number on Tattleware first, and worry about the potential libel case later.

(h/t LA Observed… photo by Amy Alkon)

*Originally titled, “Don’t Piss Off This Woman” – changed as the woman in the picture should not be confused as the subject of the title.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Piss Off Amy Alkon*”

  1. I don’t get this entry. First of all, who the hell is Amy Alkon? And second of all, is the woman in the picture her? The entry says it is, the footnote says it isn’t… WTF?

  2. This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard this week.

    The truth is the girl DIDN’T hit her, so she had no business following or confronting her. This is LA, where everyone is flinchy to say the least. Following a stranger home for no good reason? That’s a great way to get killed.

    I gotta tellya, I’m clearly not on Amy’s side here. If somebody followed me home I’d fucking shoot them. Or at least call 911 and get the cops involved.

    And where are all the people who complain about my “surveillance” to object to Amy posting this woman’s face without her consent?

  3. Hate to be a fence sitter here but I can totally understand Amy’s reaction and I can totally understand Ruth’s reaction to Amy’s reaction.

    As to publishing photos of the woman in question… Amy’s intent to bring further disgrace to her might be suspect, but I don’t think Amy’s in the wrong as long as the pix were snapped on public property. Technically you can take pictures of anything out in public without explicit permission (although there are an increasing number of security officers that would ignorantly disagree with that it seems).

    Just to cover all the bases, certainly Ruth’s recent restaurant counter photos were not in the wrong either, expecially since her subject was not identifiable (beyond his wardrobe style choices at least).

  4. Please explain to me what Amy did wrong? She didn’t hurt anyone, nor did she intend to. Had the “cow”girl taken Amy’s questioning properly, perhaps she would have (apologized and thus) learned to be more aware of her surroundings. It’s selfishness like hers that causes road rage to begin with.

    Must we blame the victims of stupidity or should stupidity be stopped (legally) at its source?

    And finally, before jumping to concealed-weapons laws, consider that this is one of many incidents to illustrate the need for cellphone usage laws. Why in the WORLD do people not use hands-free devices? Two reasons: selfishness or stupidity.

  5. Amy essentially stalked the woman after the “near” accident.
    Do you recommend that people do this more often?
    Stupidity is not a crime. But intimidation, as it appears Amy was engaging in, is definitely a crime.

    And for the record, I’m all for banning cel phones altogether from cars – a hands free device doesn’t keep people from acting like idiots, it just gives them an extra hand to steer.

  6. Why do you call it stalking when Amy followed a car that almost hit her? It’s a free country, and she can drive where she wants to, on public property, and also speak to who she wants to. I think she was being a good citizen, and if AAA would ever get off the payroll of cell phone companies, and enact legislation to ban cell phone driving, she could have even made a citizen’s arrest.

    She was even driving defensively, to want to have the vehicles stopped before she got a description of car and the license plate. When people ignore dangerous situations, and avoid awkward confrontations, they’re weenies. Yay Amy.

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