Black Hat and DefCon

FPGA Array

Oh the drink is still thick in my veins, but I crawled out of bed about 20 minutes ago and got my press credentials. As it turns out the con started late today so I guess I didn’t miss much as they were waiting for the fire marshall to sign off on the venue. When I was up drinking with random hackers and goons last night until 6 in the morning I almost decided to push on through and stay up until 8 for registration, but I am so very thankful I decided to sleep through my drunk.

Black Hat was really informative and I took several galleries worth of photos which you can browse through here for Day 1, and here for Day 2. I also wrote about some of the talks I saw including: Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit, Hardware Hacks and Cracks with FPGAs, Xerox Multifunction Device In Your Network?, Breaking AJAX Web Applications, State of Disclosure Panel, BlueBag – Mobile Covert Bluetooth Attack and Infection Device, Pushing Hackers to the Tipping Point, Sidewinder, Major Flaw in Proposed RFID Passports and Opening Intro and Fighting Organized Crime Keynote