RIDE-Arc Says Watts!

If the magnitude of the monthly Midnight Ridazz has gotten you questioning your commitment to it, and you’re jonesing for options regarding evening pedaling or just can’t get enough of that night riding, you won’t want to overlook the opportunities offered by RIDE-Arc, organized by a fine group of alums from the Southern Caliornia Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

This Friday night’s roll, dubbed “Watt’s Up With Watts” plans to broaden horizons by exploring that section of south Los Angeles:

“Forty-One years after the Watts riots, RIDE-Arc takes an evening tour through this and surrounding neighborhoods of Los Angeles to gather a current perspective on Watt is happening with Watts these days. A sea of old tract homes, community gardens, churches, and community development is reaching high tide, and it is prime to take a look at a historical area and moment of Los Angeles’ past and see how this in involved with the current tides of the Los Angeles social masses.”

The scheduled start time for this ride is 9 p.m. and the meeting place is in Watts at the 103rd Street Blue Line station (map). For more information: [email protected]; or join their mail list.