Putting The “No” In Supernova

Last year’s “Rock Star: INXS” hooked me not just because of my lifelong fanship with that band but moreso because the gimmick of them rising from the ashes of their lead singer’s tragic self-asphyxiation death with some unknown new frontperson picked fresh from a tatoo’d and piereced version of “American Idol” made for entertaining TV. It also didn’t hurt that the contestants were shacked up in the Paramour Estate on top of my slice of the world.

This season, the new crop of players is back at the Paramour but there’s not so much to go ga-ga for this time around. Pardon me for threatening to sink any already floundering cred by exposing my rock personnel ignorance but this time around we’ve got who now exactly? Let’s see, there’s Gilby Something touted loudest for a stint he did with Guns ‘N Roses; Tommy Lee from the Crue de Motley; and Jason Whatsit who worked the bass for Metallica for I don’t even give a shit how long. Beyond the boys themselves, there’s no interesting backstory here other than you’ve got three dudes looking for publicity now and coin later. On a minor note is the show’s rockstar.msn.com web address. I’ll tell ya, nothing screams rock ‘n fuck ‘n roll like having a headbanging “MSN” in your domain name.

And then there’s the boring matter of what this trio decided to call themselves: Supernova. My first thought was “Zzzzzzz” and then came “Oh yeah, thaaaaaat’s original.” Turns out it isn’t…. on a litigious level. Turns out there’s a punk trio who’s been using that same name since 1989, are reportedly still actively touring and allegedly getting ready to record their fifth album. Man do they want justice, dammit! Justice (and a little opportunitistic publicity wouldn’t hurt now would it?). So can you say: jury trial? The aftermath of which, should it come to that, just might leave people calling Gilby, Tommy and Jason “The Who?”

Now theeeeere’s an idea!

6 thoughts on “Putting The “No” In Supernova”

  1. How does one forget the brilliant song “CHEWBACCA” in the background of Clerks. I saw Supernova open up for the Aquabats not too long ago too. Shouldn’t the TV show do the research needed here?

  2. Interesting…

    Personally, for me the show is a total guilty pleasure. I daydream about rocketing my sled up Micheltorena, crashing thru the gates, strong arming everone in sight until Storm Large is in the passenger seat and we jet back down to my place & live in tantric bliss til our parts fall off. If that don’t happen she can shlep it back up the hill, it’s only a 25 minute walk.

    On a related note, they could resurrect Jimi Hendrix or Morrison to be in the band…. they still won’t get my dough.

  3. Pardon me for threatening to sink any already floundering cred by exposing my rock personnel ignorance but this time around we’ve got who now exactly?

    Ha ha. Unfortunately I’m going to have to agree that it doesn’t do much to add shine to your rock ‘n roll aura. This lineup is infinitely more interesting to some of us than the first go round. I haven’t watched it, but when I heard who was involved I very nearly set the TiVo. Fortunately better judgement won out in the end.

  4. Very much agreed 5000!: my r’n’ r acumen is pretty dull. But if nothing else at least I have the wherewithall and lack of fear to proclaim my ig’nance up-front rather than bulldoze over it with hyperbole and BS.

  5. I am sooooo tired of shows like this. From dancing, to singing, to modeling, enough is enough! I can’t imagine what stupid show is next.

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