More Burgertime With Artie Lange…


Three months ago, I had mentioned that during The Howard Stern Show, Artie Lange reminisced about all the different burger joints in L.A.

Two weeks ago, he was in L.A. to shoot scenes with Leslie Bibb for an upcoming episode of Entourage, and last Monday, he returned to Stern’s show, talking about his time out here. And sure enough, he talked about burgers again, citing In-And-Out as one of his absolute favorites nationwide (and considering his rather bearish size these days, I’d say he knows what he’s talking about):

Artie: “Before I went to the set that day, I ate a huge lunch. I went to In-And-Out Burger… In-And-Out Burger in L.A. is, oh my God, they’re [unintelligible].”

Robin: “You always hit the In-And-Out when you get there.”

Artie: “It’s hard to resist that because they make shakes with real ice cream, and it’s one of my favorite burger places in the entire country. These idiots [who] go to L.A. and become vegetarians, they’re missing the best part about that fucking place! It’s got great burger joints!”

Howard: “Right. In-And-Out Burger.”

Artie: “Yeah! Well, there’s a bunch of [burger joints]… Fatburger, good burger places.”

Robin: “Yeah, the last time I was out there, I was showing somebody around. I said, ‘My goodness, I didn’t realize how many different burger places there are!'”

Audio here (1:08.07, 199.43k).

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UPDATE: Coincidentally, today’s edition of The LA Times has a huge feature article in their Food section about burgers: “Year of the burger: Aioli, truffles, Kobe — this summer, every chef in town has a fabulous spin.” as well as “Where the glam burgers hang out”

7 thoughts on “More Burgertime With Artie Lange…”

  1. Artie’s the man.

    did you see where he is headlining Carnagie Hall?

    which i guess expands the joke now
    q. how do you get to carnagie hall?
    a. practice practice practice

    the artie punchline is now
    eat snort drink

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. The guy is talented. I met him once during his “MadTV” days when he did an Internet chat with Debra Wilson.

  3. Somebody needs to take Artie to “The Counter”, Awesome burger, plus extremely hot waitstaff.

  4. Living in Silver Lake and biking is keeping me skinny. Dang, I wish there was a good burger place closer to my house. Fatburger on Vermont, Tommy’s down on Bev. I want something closer and different. Maybe J- Burger will re-open up? Never had one at the burrito joint on Sunset & Alvarado. Am I missing something?? Why is Echo Park, Silverlake missing the boat on the burger thing?? Maybe you cook a great burger? I got beer…

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