Soft Serve…


Earlier today, Joystiq reported that A.D.D. Space and Rockstar Games is presenting a travelling art installation called Soft Serve that starts on August 1st at the Trafik Tradeshow in Miami and ends on September 10th at A.D.D. Space on Melrose:

The bad boys at Rockstar sent word of their latest and greatest: “a traveling group art show that features all sides of the art world, including but not limited to: painting, music, video, screen printing, drawing, wheat pasting, clothing, photography & more.” So, just art and fashion and music, brought to you courtesy of Rockstar Games? Of course that’s not it, there’s also going to be “a fast-paced and action packed tournament courtesy of Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis.”

The “installation” winds its way across the country, hitting hot spots like Columbus and Louisville, ultimately ending in The Town That Loved E3, Los Angeles. A notable omission: hipster-haven and Rockstar’s ‘hood, New York City.

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  1. Ugh, this was emailed to me yesterday and it’s got so much marketing oozing out of it that it makes my skin crawl.

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