Just think, all the ho ho’s you can eat… real soon!

box_hohos.jpgThe scientists of the world are working on important shit… like getting rid of fat people with a shot! Just think, Los Angeles with even less obese people! Thumbs up on the lardass vaccine guys, good work! Check out the article here if you don’t believe me.

6 thoughts on “Just think, all the ho ho’s you can eat… real soon!”

  1. Thank god! Paying for two airline seats can get expensive. Now I’ll have to only worry about cancer, aids, diabetes, alzhemer’s, and bird flu. Whew, don’t wanna forget the bird flu.

  2. “a desired reduction in weight gain.”

    sounds pretty derivative to me. it’s not that it makes you lose weight – just makes you reduce the amount you gain? so you get less fatter? fatter slower? interesting word choice, at either rate.

  3. “i don’t care what the pill does. i’m really against animal testing.” god, i hope that was a joke. hey, travis. wires on fire and willowz are coming to louisville on the 9th. can’t wait. there hasn’t been a decent show here for months. later…

  4. It wasn’t a joke. If I was joking, I wouldn’t have said it. I understand the merits of animal testing for certain things, i.e., finding cures for diseases. But to further the aesthetic value of Americans when there are other viable options (i.e., working out, eating healthy), no, there’s no justification for it.

  5. hey, roonie, lighten the fuck up. stop trying to save the world. it’s a waste of time and energy.

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