Hare Hare, Krishna Krishna

A friend and I realized on Sunday evening that we had totally spaced on the Festival of the Chariots in Venice on Sunday. I’d spent the day at home, with the exception of a leisurely Sunday walk through the canals, catching up on some freelance work and watching tourists from my roof. I really have no excuse here – I live only a few blocks south of where the festival is held each year on the beach.

Last year, I also forgot about the festival – but was reminded in the best way possible when I was on my way to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, riding my bike down Main Street. I was headed down to hand out CODEPINK fliers at the Market, when I almost ran into the floats coming down Main Street in Santa Monica. Fascinated, I immediately followed the parade, caught a few flowers, and then, after I finished shopping and fliering the market, went to the beach and visited every single booth, trying to figure out exactly what Hare Krishna was, beyond a pop-culture reference and a song in the musical Hair.

This year, however, LA Frog did an admirable job of covering the festival, complete with some very interesting commentary. And next year, I’ll have to remind myself to go watch the parade, be dazzled by the colors, and finish it up with a vegetarian snack.

Photo is from the Festival of the Chariots website