Mar Vista Farmer’s Market

MVFMpostersm.gifWhen I first came to L.A., I moved to a house in Mar Vista. I liked it there, because it was a quiet postwar neighborhood that still seemed to have that 1950s-era optimism. There were no freeways slicing it up, there was no real crime to speak of, and being in that kind of neighborhood made it easier for me to transition into L.A. when I came down from my equally quiet middle-class corner of Vancouver. (That would be Kitsilano, for those of you out there who know Vancouver – the Santa Monica of that city.)

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Mar Vista, which is only a couple miles from where I live now, in Venice. And that’s why I’m so delighted that they will be getting their own Sunday farmer’s market. I used to either bike to the Santa Monica market, or drive up to the West L.A. one on Sundays, and visit the library while I was there. Now, I usually just fight the crowds in Santa Monica. It will be nice to have another market in the area, especially one less crazy than Santa Monica gets on Sundays.

The market will be on Grandview, a block south of Venice Blvd., Sundays from 9am to 1pm. More reasons on why you should go behind the cut.

By the way, farmer’s markets are not only full of tasty food and pretty flowers, but are also a sustainable option in an oil crisis like the one we’re in now. Food doesn’t have to travel very far to get to a farmer’s market, but it travels an average of 1500 miles to get to your local Vons. It saves fuel and energy to support local farmers – plus, you don’t get all the horrors of the pesticides and chemicals and waxes that go into keeping the food at the supermarket long-lasting, cosmetically appealing, and slow to decay. More farmer’s markets are not only a good thing for me and my much-practiced gumbo recipe (it’s okra season right now!), but are also a good thing for a sustainable Los Angeles.