LA Observed Goes Group!

Congrats to Kevin Roderick and LA Observed for moving forward and making the site that we all know and love even better. Kevin announces today that he’s no longer running a one man show and that there will be some new bylines on the site:

“Starting now, LA Observed is a group effort. I invited about a dozen writers, journalists and observers of Los Angeles whose eye and voice I respect to think about posting here. Almost all of them jumped at the offer, to my amazement. More are on the way. For the three years that I have blabbered here solo I’ve always benefited from a richly informed and interesting retinue of email corresponders, collaborators and eggers-on. Now the collaboration comes out of the closet, so to speak.”

Kevin explains that LA Observed will remain mostly the same, but will now include several sub-blogs focusing on specific topics. Some of the new contributors include Mark Lacter covering Business, David Davis and David Neiman will be covering Sports, Bruce Feirstein, Cari Beauchamp, Denise Hamilton, Eric Estrin, Veronique de Turenne, and others. In fact here’s the new full masthead complete with bios and info on everyone. As to why the big change, Kevin adds:

“LA Observed has done pretty well as a one-man blog. It attracts a dedicated audience here and across the country that keeps growing. (Can I get away with using the “Best of the Web” nod from Forbes another year?) Blogs as a medium have matured into potential forces in communities that are underserved by more mainstream media sources. This seemed like the right time to expand a bit in content and ambition. Adding these voices could be a giant step forward for LA Observed as an independent journal of reporting, observation and opinion about the metropolis where we all live. Or, of course, it could be a bust. But I don’t think so.”

I don’t think so either, I think it will be fantastic and I’m psyched to have all these new voices in the LA blog world to read. One request though, can we get an RSS feed for the whole site rather than having to monitor each section on it’s own? That would be even more fantasticer.