Nuthin’ could be finah!


Last night’s end-of-day wrapup had us again opening our home to our dear Hank Hill.

We’re still deeply embroiled in Termite Eradication, so I was bummed and our dinner choices were pretty dismal. (I have two kinds of food, remember? Frozen and Rotten….)

Peggy had served Bobby what looked like Fried Chicken (hey they’re Texans!) and immediately I had to have some takeout from Dinah’s or I would surely die.

Truly the finest fried chicken for miles, we go to the one on San Fernando Road (at Los Feliz).

They put pineapple in their cole slaw (dee-lish) and if you really want to let your White Trash Freak Flag fly then by all means don’t forget the Fruit Mellow (aka ambrosia). I can pretend sophistication, enjoy fine wine and savor the delicacy of foie gras, but Lordy sometimes I just need some fried chicken and Fruit Mellow!

Thank you, Dinah!

Dinah’s Fried Chicken
4106 San Fernando Rd Ste A
Glendale, CA 91204-3818
(818) 244-4188


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3 thoughts on “Nuthin’ could be finah!”

  1. How dare you write about [insert subject here]! I knew about [insert subject here] before you and I am angered that you claim to have discovered it! Your post about [insert subject here] makes Baby Jesus cry!

  2. I totally forgot about this place! My great-grandmother would used to feed it to my family everytime we went over to her house. Although I haven’t had it in at least 10 years, I still vividly remember that Fruit Mellow and how good it really is…

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