Orange Cat Terrorizing Critters in the North Valley some guy in Shadow Hills (somewhere north of Burbank) became the unwilling host to a killing machine stray cat named Jeff that has been menacing the local wildlife.

The website What Jeff Killed is simply a log of… well…

From Sploid!:

Since May, Jeff’s people have kept a photographic body count of what he brings to the porch. Jeff is such a savage hunter that it’s often impossible to guess the source of the bloody innards. They could’ve come from a small deer or a child or even another cat.

Perhaps Jeff is the reason we haven’t had many Reggie sightings lately?

Its a very gory site, one Sploid! says is “wildly popular” but likely fascinating to anyone who has fond memories of their 7th grade science class autopsies of piglet fetuses (count me out). According to the current draft of the Shadow Hills, CA Wikipedia entry, Jeff is also the only resident there worth mentioning.

8 thoughts on “Orange Cat Terrorizing Critters in the North Valley”

  1. So, I decided to take a look at the killings. The severed bunny head made me sad…expecially after seeing a road kill racoon on the side of the 5 north on ramp (off los feliz) this morning.

    I can’t take this much cute animal killing in one day.

  2. Rather than rehash, here’s a section of the email I sent to the site’s people after reviewing Jeff’s achievements:

    “I can appreciate the graphic presentation with which you promote and illustrate the destruction domesticated animals can do to the native wildlife population of the area they live, but it might not hurt to provide a statement/disclaimer to the effect of how Jeff is a prime example of how devastating pets can be to the natural balance when abandoned or left to their own devices.”

  3. i want jeff to protect my surroundings. unfortunately i already have a frankie and the 2 would undoubtedly battle each other until one of them ended up as an entry.

  4. I once had a cat named Casper who was not friendly to the local wildlife in the hills of Hacienda Heights. She would bring home assorted rabbits, birds and rodents to our back door all the time.

    BTW, Jeff’s nicknames are awesome. Jeff the Ripper – totally accurate.

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