1955 NV A-bomb tests as seen from dowtown LA

July 5, 2006 at 9:51 am in History


“Photo shows another version of how the atomic bomb blast in Nevada looked over Los Angeles from the roof of the Statler Hotel. Note the sharpness of City Hall (right background), the Richfield Building (right foreground) and other buildings in the area. Ridge of mountains is also sharply outlined. Photo dated: March 7, 1955.”

Did anyone else have no idea that early Navada A-Bomb test could be seen from LA? Because this is crazy new news to me, and these 6 photos are just insane. I especially love this guy pointing, as if you could miss it, and this one, which looks like a sceen out of some old scifi end-of-the-world flick. Rodney Hoffman found these by looking up “bomb nevada” in the LA Public Library Photo Archive. Is there anyone reading this who was in LA in 1955 and remebers seeing this? Or perhaps has family members who were? This would be an awesome story to hear firsthand.
[Thanks Xeni!]

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