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Two different charity groups to keep in mind if you want to express your patriotism, show support for the troops, or just want to spread good karma to a fellow American… provides a database of soldiers who would just love a care package or letter sent their way, or just elect to send a package to “any soldier” (male or female) to help ensure everyone gets some love the next time mail call rolls around.

If you handpick a soldier from the database they’ll list some of the items they’re wishing for – a quick browse found many looking for laundry detergent, DVDs, snacks, and writing supplies (no stamps! They can send mail for free). One male soldier asked for more letters and products for the ladies in his camp, as they don’t seem to get as much as the men (you can generically address a package to “any female soldier”) if you prefer. And yet another, with a canine unit, asked for anything he could give his dogs.

(UPDATE: Per Annika’s concerns in the comments, be sure to thoroughly read “How To Send” before shipping anything. There are rules ones must follow, such as not send food items and personal hygiene produucts in the same package – “You would not believe how even factory sealed cookies taste when they have lived together in the same package with bath soap for a month in 120 degree heat.”)’s Angels provides a similar service but with an “adopt a soldier” angle – “as an adopting Angel, you can commit to sending at least one letter a week and a package a month.” The group also encourages and facilitates writing letters to wounded soldiers, and also organizes projects from making layettes to give to the newborn children of deployed troops to lap blankets for the wounded.

(top photo from ob1left via Flickr… bottom photo from Luodanli via Flickr)

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  1. My cousin, Sergeant Mike Barranti, told me that packages for Any Soldier must be discarded for security reasons. That may have changed, but to be certain that gifts will make it to people (and dogs!) please use one of the services above or one such as Books For Soldiers to identify a specific soldier when sending packages.

  2. I spoke with a rep from a little over a week ago, and she made no mention of packages being interrupted, although she did say to be sure to follow the instructions. I added an update with a link on shipping instructions also above.
    Perhaps is the mistake is of merely labeling a package for “any soldier” without going through one of these services?

  3. You can also check out America Supports You.

    This site lets you write messages to the troops. You can also read messages others have sent, read messages back from the troops, and a lot more.

    Not just for holidays, though – check back any time you want.

  4. It appears that supplies the name of an officer who then distributes the mail. As long as there is a real person’s name, packages get through (postal service allowing); it is only when “Any Soldier” is the only addressee that there is a problem. Sorry, commented before checking out your links.

  5. Thanks for your posting, David. Soldiers’ Angels is a wonderful group.

    As a veteran, I can tell you that a package from means the absolute world to our servicemen & women.

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