Zagreb is the Novi LA

I have been in Zagreb, Croatia for the last few days and I have found out that in one way it is emulating LA: traffic. I was here two years ago and it was not an issue, and apparently it never really has been an issue here in the past. But now there are many cars on roads that are not designed to handle them.

And people are really into there cars and really into driving. They want to drive and will brag that they have not taken the tram in so long. The trams are awesome by the way. If we had them in LA we would all be so happy.

I will look into the cars and there will be one person in each, and like I said, they are pretty unrepentant about it. I feel like we have had this sort of traffic problem in LA for so long that we are trying to not do this kind of thing whether it is using public transit or biking, but apparently it is a new issue here so it might be some time before that view comes into vogue.

3 thoughts on “Zagreb is the Novi LA”

  1. Congrats on the wedding (from a fellow Croat). Wow, a wedding in Brac? Very nice choice!

    I’m actually very jealous. I would love to be in Dalmatia right now… :(

  2. the pictures will come soon! :) maybe not all right away since i do not have a reliable place to edit them, but i will put some. and i will take fire truck pictures especial for you mr humphrey.

    we get married on the 8th, so we are still in zagreb, and will travel to brac tomorrow afternoon after some embassy business.

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